3 Types of Pink Eye and Their Causes

types of pink eye

A highly contagious eye condition, pink eye (also known as conjunctivitis) is manifested red, painful, and itchy eyes. But, not all cases of pink eye are the same. Depending on what’s causing your pink eye, you will be facing a different recovery time and be prescribed different treatment.

Here are three types of pink eye, their causes, and recovery times.

Types of Pink Eye

There are three types of pink eye: viral, bacterial, and allergic. They may all look the same, but they are caused by different factors and require different measures to prevent them.

Viral Pink Eye

This condition can be caused by two types of viruses: adenovirus (the most common) and herpes virus (not as common but more dangerous). Viral pink eye often happens when a nose infection spreads to the eyes, or it can come from an upper respiratory infection. Depending on its severity, it usually lasts between a few days to two weeks.

Bacterial Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis caused by bacteria will disappear after only a couple of days if you use antibiotic drugs. But, even if you don’t, it will clear up on its own after around ten days. It usually happens when you share personal hygiene items and makeup or when you touch your eye with dirty hands.

Allergic Pink Eye

The only type of pink eye that’s not contagious, allergic pink eye usually disappears with other allergy symptoms. If your doctor deems it necessary, he or she may prescribe you with decongestants or antihistamines to help you treat the condition.

Final Word

So, those are the three types of pink eye. Avoid sharing personal items, wash your hands often, and avoid touching your eyes with dirty hands to keep yourself from getting infected.