5 Common Signs of an Undiagnosed Kidney Infection

signs of an undiagnosed kidney infection

Infections spread quickly and they can be extremely dangerous. Early treatment is crucial. However, it’s not always easy to spot the symptoms of a serious infection.

Kidney infections can develop from UTIs. They require immediate treatment. But how do you recognize them?

Here are some of the top signs of an undiagnosed kidney infection:

The Urge to Pee

If you frequently feel the urge to urinate, you may have a kidney infection. This is true even if your bladder is empty. You should definitely seek out medical help if you experience this sensation often.

Back Pain

Back pain can have many different causes. Experts say that it can be one of the main signs of an undiagnosed kidney infection. Additionally, you may experience pain in your groin or your sides.

Cloudy Urine

The body protects itself by sending white blood cells to the infected location. This process makes your urine look cloudy. There can also be a strong and unpleasant odor.

In some cases, kidney infections lead to pus appearing in your urine. But this is a symptom of an extremely severe infection. It requires urgent treatment.

Dizziness and a Fever

The infection can spread through your bloodstream and damage other organs. Thus, an untreated kidney infection can be deadly.

If the infection enters your bloodstream, it will cause headaches. Additionally, you will develop a fever. While bladder infections don’t come with a fever, kidney infections do.

Blood in Your Urine

Bloody urine is another frequent danger sign. Some people also experience pain during urination. These symptoms mean you need medical treatment as soon as possible.