5 Household Items You Should Clean More Often

household items that need cleaning

You’re probably cleaning the kitchen countertops and wiping the bathroom floor regularly, but there are a few less obvious things you would do well to clean. Discover those items which really need to be cleaned more often, even though you might not think so in the first place.

1. Smartphones

We can’t really live without them, can’t we? One of the household items that need cleaning more often is your smartphone. It’s always in your hands, so it gets smudgy and greasy easily. So, it’s basically covered in bacteria. Go ahead, clean it up — it’ll look better.

2. Handles and Doorknobs

Cleaning and sanitization is an important process, but do you really know which spots get real filthy without you even noticing? Doorknobs and handles, that’s correct. All the germs we bring from the outside world end up on these. They are the household items that need cleaning more often than anything else.

3. TV Remote Control

Binge-watching your favorite TV show on Netflix again? Well, your remote control is probably nearby. And it’s teeming with dirt, germs, and bacteria. Have you ever even thought of cleaning up all that grime between the buttons?

4. Keyboard

Countless hours of snacking over your keyboard have created a whole new living world down there. Please do clean it up. And fast.

5. Pillows

Last but not least on our list of household items that need cleaning more often are your pillows. They are the perfect spot for all dust mites to hang out. Just throw them in your washing machine and get over with it.


When it comes to cleaning, there are certain things in your household you rarely think of but which matter, like doorknobs, pillows, or keyboards. Cleaning them regularly will help you stay healthy.