5 Signs of a Simplex Outbreak Women Shouldn’t Ignore

signs of herpes in women

A virus is tiny. But Herpes simplex packs a punch out of all proportion to its size. So let’s look at some signs of herpes in women to help you get started treating it.

What’s Going On?

Herpes simplex is a systemic virus. There’s no treatment that erases it from your body – yet.

The first outbreak is usually the worst. But there are antivirals that help shorten the duration of the outbreak. And if the itching or pain are severe, your doctor can prescribe something.


Often the first symptom you notice. If you have recurring herpes, you may learn to recognize this sign.

Fever, Aches, Flu-y Feeling

This is more common in first-time outbreaks, but it can happen with later ones too. Your body’s trying to fight off the herpes infection, just as it would try to fight off the flu. Not everyone experiences this, but it’s very common.

Itching, Burning, Pain

The virus is right up against your nerves. And your nerves are reacting with sensation. If it gets bad enough, talk to your doctor. There are medications for the symptoms.


They break out on your skin in the affected area, whether that’s your face or your genitals. Usually, the blisters will ooze for a few days, then start to dry and crust over. Eventually, they will fall off. And that’s how you know you’re getting close to being done with your outbreak.

Your genital area can include your groin, your buttocks – it doesn’t have to be ground zero. And if herpes on your face starts spreading into your eyes, don’t wait – get to the doctor!

Pain During Urination

This may be the most painful of all the signs of herpes in women. When you get a blister in the path of your urine stream – your doctor will hear you from the next county. But call your doctor anyway.


It can be miserable. But recognizing the signs of herpes in women can give you a head start in treating it.