5 Symptoms of an Undiagnosed Shingles Infection

symptoms of an undiagnosed shingles infection

Shingles is a fairly widespread disease. Around one in three Americans will contract shingles at least once in their lifetimes.

This disease is extremely painful. Thus, it can interfere a great deal with your everyday routine. Additionally, shingles can give you vision problems.

But what are the top symptoms of an undiagnosed shingles infection? How do you recognize this disease?

• A Characteristic Rash

The virus that causes this disease is a variant of the virus that causes chickenpox. Thus, shingles leave visible marks on your body.

So how do you recognize it? If you have shingles, you only have a rash on one side of the body. It is red and itchy.

You might also develop a line of red bumps somewhere on your body.

• Chest Pain

Are you experiencing unexpected stabs of chest pain? This could mean that you have shingles.

But chest pain could be the symptom of a number of serious illnesses. Hence, seeking medical attention is your best bet.

• Aching Eyes and Head

Do your eyes hurt? Does normal lighting suddenly feel too bright? Do you also have a headache?

These could be the symptoms of an undiagnosed shingles infection. Your doctor will be able to find the source of your discomfort.

• Stress and Exhaustion

If you’re feeling more tired and stressed than usual, it might be necessary to consider whether you have a disease. At first, shingles tend to manifest a lot like the flu.

• Sharp, Stabbing Pain

Shingles is an infection of your nerve roots. This means it comes with a very sharp and burning pain. You may feel like you’re being stabbed with needles.