5 Things You Surely Didn’t Know About Pneumonia

Pneumonia is the largest infectious cause of death in children in the world. What is worrying is that this lung infection goes undiagnosed. Basically, individuals don’t realize that they are ill and they don’t seek medical attention. Doctors, for their part, fail to diagnose the disease, not being able to discriminate it from other viral infections. Here are other facts you surely didn’t know about pneumonia. Make sure to read carefully.

1. Pneumonia kills many people worldwide

Pneumonia is a disease that causes a high number of deaths around the world. In the United States, for example, over 50, 00 people have died from this lung infection. Nonetheless, pneumonia is making headlines in parts of Asia and Africa, accounting for about 16 percent of total deaths. The point is that pneumonia is a leading cause of death worldwide. This infectious disease is very dangerous and it immediately reaches life-threatening levels. The only way that you can protect yourself from this serious infection is to get vaccinated. Vaccine helps protect healthy individuals from the pneumococcal disease, so it’s worth considering.

2. During cold & flu season, there’s a higher risk of getting pneumonia

The matter of the fact is that pneumonia can occur any time of the year. Yet, during the cold and flu season, that is, in the cold months of the year, there is a greater risk of developing pneumonia. It has nothing to do with the fact that the air temperature suddenly drops. The explanation is very simple. People spend more time indoors, and they are thus exposed to germs, fungi, and viruses.  Now you understand why the cold season is also called pneumonia season.

3. Pneumonia affects sleep patterns

One thing that you won’t be happy about is that pneumonia affects sleep patterns. And the other way round. Sufferers cough all the time, especially during nighttime, which eventually makes it impossible for them to get a good night’s sleep. If you have this kind of condition, then you will find it difficult to stay in bed and, obviously, rest.  Your noisy breathing can keep your partner awake as well. It’s important to seek medical attention because sleep deprivation affects your immune system. Avoid becoming an insomniac.

4. Pneumonia presents different risks for certain people

Chances are that you haven’t taken a close look at the risk factors. What you need to know is that individuals who smoke, have a weakened immune system and some other medical conditions have a high risk of becoming ill.  Age is another risk factor. Mention can be made of children and young adults. Those who know that they are susceptible to developing pneumonia should get immunized right away. The infection that makes them sick is hard to treat.

5. Pneumonia isn’t a disease of the developed world

Many people are under the impression that only people from developed countries contract pneumonia. This is true, but only to a certain point. Despite the progress made in understanding the pathophysiology and impact of the infection of the lungs, it seems that the number of deaths hasn’t decreased. On the contrary, a rise in numbers has been recorded. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that developing countries are the only ones affected. No, pneumonia is more common and, unfortunately, more deadly in poor countries.