5 Ways to Prevent UTIs at Home

Urinary tract infections are unfortunately common ailments. Affecting both men and women, they range in terms of duration and severity. Some UTIs resolve on their own within a few days, while others can turn into chronic illnesses traveling into the bladder and kidneys. These particular types of infections can be extremely dangerous, leading to sepsis and even death—if, of course, they go untreated.

Preventing a UTI at Home

Fortunately, preventing urinary tract infections is not rocket science. Instead, it requires consistent hygiene practices, mindfulness, and diligence, along with a helping hand from home remedies and supplements.

#1. Regular Cleansing

One of the easiest way to procure a UTI is to fall behind on cleaning. While you don’t have to scrub your genitals with a harsh soap every single night, failing to shower and at least rinse the area on a regular basis (or following an activity in which you get dirty) could result in a UTI.

#2. Urinating Following Sex

Having sex does not guarantee a UTI, but it does increase the risk. Urinating following sex can help relieve the urethra of any dirt or bacteria, which prevents infection down the line. The same is true of urinating following masturbation or, again, any activity during which the area might become dirty, wet, or inflamed.

#3. Avoiding Tight, Wet Clothes

Too-tight, wet clothes can cause friction, discomfort, and inflammation, all of which have the ability to increase the risk of infection. When tight clothes create a damp or inflamed environment, bacteria can thrive. Making sure you do not wear tight, wet clothes for extended periods of time can keep your urethra healthy and happy.

Of course, an exception to this rule might be a bathing suit for swimming, or leggings used for exercise. If you must wear tight or wet clothes, try to remove them as quickly as possible and give your body a chance to breathe.

#4. Taking Probiotics

Taking probiotics can ward off any infections before they occur. Probiotics boost your immune system, helping it fight off any foreign bodies that may try to invade and infect. This is true of both viral and bacterial infections, and include urinary tract infections. A daily probiotic supplement can work wonders in making sure your vaginal or penile health is at its peak.

#5. Drinking Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice (or cranberry supplements) contain a compound that is said to reduce the likelihood of bacteria adhering to the wall of your bladder. This compound is called A-type proanthocyanidins, and is found in high doses of cranberry juice. Not all supplements are created equal, however, so opt for a juice or supplement that comes from an organic source.