5 Ways to Tell You Have Food Poisoning

ways to tell you have food poisoning

That chicken you had for dinner tasted a little funny. Now, you have an upset stomach and keep running to the restroom. Could it be food poisoning? Here are 5 ways to tell you have food poisoning.

1. Diarrhea

First, this is probably one of the most recognized signs of food poisoning. Eating tainted food will cause inflammation in your bowels. When this happens, your body can’t absorb water and other fluids present during the digestion process.

2. Stomach Troubles

Next, as opposed to inflammation in your bowels, food poisoning can also cause inflammation in your stomach. This can cause pain to radiate from your stomach region.

You may also have cramps as your body tries to get rid of the tainted food. But, you may not get it every time. And, conversely, not all cases of cramps and pain are the result of food poisoning since it is a common symptom of other illnesses.

3. Vomiting

Another way your body tries to eliminate contaminated food or toxins is vomiting. Initial vomiting episodes can be explosive and projectile in nature. It is meant to be a protective mechanism that your body employs to eject harmful organisms.

4. Headaches

This symptom is usually a byproduct of another food poisoning symptom. Tiredness and dehydration from vomiting and diarrhea may give you a headache, too. But, headaches are commonplace without food poisoning. So, just having that and no other symptoms is not an indicator of food poisoning.

5. Fever

Lastly, you may develop a fever as another of your body’s defense mechanisms. This raise in temperature helps your body fight off foreign organisms. By tricking your internal thermostat to turn up the heat, your body attempts to make it too hot for harmful bacteria and viruses to live.

Final Thoughts

So, the next time you suspect you got food poisoning from that iffy food stand, just remember the 5 ways to tell you have food poisoning. Then, you will have a better idea. And, maybe stay away from questionable food.