5 Weird Cold Symptoms You Didn’t Know About

signs that you have a cold

The common cold can have some very surprising symptoms. So what are the first signs that you have a cold? What should you look out for?

Runny noses are one obvious symptom. But here are a few more unexpected signs that something’s wrong.

• Lethargy and a Bad Mood

Doctors say that having a cold has a huge impact on your mood. In some ways, it can feel similar to depression.

People who have a cold become less active and enthusiastic. Additionally, talking to people might become difficult.

• Changed Appetite

Are you hungrier than usual? Or do you crave comfort food? These could be signs that you have a cold.

Colds can increase your appetite considerably. They also tend to come with food cravings. If you feel the need to eat something salty, you may be dehydrated.

• Constant Thirst

Having a cold causes your body to lose fluids. Thus, you will feel the need to drink more liquids than usual. This includes hot water and other beverages.

Conventional wisdom dictates that chicken soup can help treat your cold. So is that really true? Research shows that hot soup is even more effective than other liquids.

• Focus Problems

Is your attention span shorter than usual? Concentration problems are among the first signs that you have a cold. You will also feel more fatigued than usual.

Experts recommend staying at home. Even a few days of rest can help you heal.

• Increased Sensitivity to Light

Colds can come with a headache, which makes you more sensitive to light. You also might have inflamed or irritated eyes from your infection. Cold compresses can help ease your discomfort.