Breathing the Right Way: The Benefits of Efficient Oxygen Exchange

breathing the right way

Extensive research shows that breathing the right way can have many health benefits. As a rule, adults take between 12 and 18 breaths per minute. But some people suffer from higher breathing rates as a result of different factors. These can include anxiety, pain, as well as improper posture.

Dr. Herbert Benson was the first expert to note the benefits of deep breathing as a relaxation technique. That was way back in the 1970s. Since then, researchers have discovered many other health benefits of breathing the right way. Here are two that you might not have known about.

1. It Protects You from Inflammatory Diseases

A 2016 study focused on the effects of breathing the right way on the cellular molecules in our body. It found that 20 minutes of deep breathing each day was enough to lower the numbers of cytokines in the saliva. High amounts of these proteins can result in a variety of inflammations. Thus, according to this study, practicing deep breathing might help you reduce the risk. Furthermore, when the inflammation does occur, it may help you keep the symptoms in check.

2. It Improves the Quality of Life in Cancer Patients

Cancer treatments are usually very invasive and impact the lives of patients in a negative way. According to a recent study, breathing the right way may help lower this negative impact. It observed patients suffering from either prostate cancer or breath cancer. After a six-week regimen of deep breathing, they all reported an improved quality of life.

Final Word

These are only two of the many benefits of breathing the right way. Deep breathing also improves your focus, boosts your energy levels, and relieves pain. To feel these benefits yourself, practice deep breathing for at least 20 minutes each day. It’s also an integral part of meditation, which can help you deal with the stress of your daily life more efficiently.