Can Olive Leaf Extract Treat a Simplex Outbreak?

benefits of olive leaf extract

Some natural remedies are truly breathtaking. Olive leaf extract has a wide variety of uses. But did you know that the benefits of olive leaf extract extend to treating a simplex outbreak?

Does It Really Work?

Yes, olive leaf extract is extremely effective when it comes to treating herpes. Studies have found that olive oil extract has strong antiviral and antibacterial properties. Thus, olive leaf extract makes it possible to stop the herpes virus from invading other cells.

What Makes Olive Oil Extract So Effective?

Olive oil extract contains a powerful antioxidant called oleuropein. This has can stop the effects of various viruses. Oleuropein can also help if you have mononucleosis, rotavirus or a number of other diseases.

What Is the Best Dosage?

You can reap the benefits of olive leaf extract even if you use very small dosages. One or two drops of it are enough to treat herpes.

So how do you apply it? You simply place the olive leaf extract on a cotton ball. Since this is a topical treatment, you should put the cotton swab directly on the sore.

What Else Is Olive Leaf Extract Good For?

What are the other main benefits of olive leaf extract? It can decrease your risk of diabetes and of cancer.

But the anti-inflammatory effect is particularly important if you are going through a simplex outbreak. It can help ease the itching as well as the pain.

Can Anyone Use Olive Leaf Extract?

It’s important to keep in mind that olive leaf extract has certain side effects.

You should ask your doctor before you use olive leaf extract if you are taking blood thinners. Additionally, people who have diabetes should check with their doctor first. They are in some danger of developing a severe respiratory allergy.