Can You Catch the Simplex Virus from Toilet Seats?

Can you catch the simplex virus from toilet seats

It is only natural to worry about contracting infectious diseases. Public restrooms aren’t always entirely hygienic. Thus, many believe they can get infected from using the bathroom.

But what is the truth? Can you catch the simplex virus from toilet seats?

How Does the Simplex Virus Spread?

There are two types of simplex virus. They cause oral and genital herpes.

Statistics say that around seven out of ten people have some form of herpes. But in most cases, this disease doesn’t show symptoms. Thus, some people spread the infection without being aware of it.

So how can you contract the simplex virus? In most cases, it spreads through mouth-to-mouth contact or sexual contact. But can you get it by touching infected objects?

Experts say that you almost certainly won’t infected by using the toilet. Additionally, you won’t be at risk by swimming or by touching objects such as doorknobs or taps.

The simplex virus cannot live outside of the body for long. Hence, you don’t have to worry about catching it indirectly. However, there are a few rare exceptions you might want to keep in mind.

An Exception to the Rule

Scientists have found that very faint traces of the virus can live for up to two hours outside of the body. But the vast majority of the viruses die within 30 minutes. So does this mean you have to worry?

The odds of contracting the disease through objects are extremely low. However, it’s a good idea to avoid touching your face after using the public restroom. This is a good way to get rid of many potential threats to your health.

The Bottom Line

Can you catch the simplex virus from toilet seats? No. But you should still thrive to maintain good hygiene, just in case.