Can You Catch the Simplex Virus from Using Lipstick Testers?

causes of simplex virus infections

Viral diseases can spread in a number of ways. Sometimes, everyday objects can be a lot more dangerous than we think.

You already know that you shouldn’t share cosmetics with other people. But is lipstick one of the causes of simplex virus infections?

The Short Answer

Yes. Using lipstick testers is one of the potential causes of simplex virus infections.

You would be in danger if an infected person used the tester first. Some people get oral herpes that way.

The simplex virus can survive for a while outside of the human body. Hence, it can simply live on the surface of lipstick. Applying it to your mouth will endanger you.

You can also contract other types of viral infections in the same way.

Why Is Oral Herpes Dangerous?

Oral herpes comes with painful sores in your mouth. Once you are infected, this disease will stay in your body. It usually shows symptoms when you are sick or under a lot of stress.

How Can You Avoid This Type of Infection?

Better hygiene in stores could help avoid the spread of oral herpes. However, you can’t always trust businesses to keep your safety in mind.

Using infected cosmetics is one of the causes of simplex virus infections. So how do you avoid it?

  • Try the tester on a piece of paper first. You could also use it on your hand instead of your face.
  • It’s usually possible to tell whether a tester has been used before. You can always ask for fresh testers instead of used ones.

Remember that you want to avoid testers anywhere near your mouth or eyes. Although oral herpes spreads very easily, there are ways you can prevent contracting this disease.