Could Nanogel Be the Answer for STD’s?

nanogel could stop STD’s

With a rise in STD’s (sexually transmitted disease) in the world, many are searching for cures or treatments. While some maintain education is the way to deal with the epidemic, others are pushing their research towards products that could help prevent infection. With this in mind, many are now wondering whether nanogel could stop STD’s from spreading.

What is Nanogel?

Nanogel is not something that is widely known. A nanogel is a nano-scale particle made up of a hydrogel in a crosslinked hydrophilic polymer network. It is used as a drug delivery system that allows drugs to be administered quicker than the usual injection method.

It has already been proven to assist with getting cancer treatments through to patients. This has now led many to question whether nanogel could stop STD’s from breaking out or spreading.

How Would It Work

Medication is required to manage STD’s and to improve quality of life. If taken correctly, it can lower the levels in your blood to the point that STD viruses or bacteria can barely be detected. Many people struggle with taking the medication correctly though. This is how nanogel could stop STD’s from spreading.

The makeup of this product means it can get the required chemicals into the blood quicker. This can make it more effective and could even mean that fewer treatments are required. Using a nanogel drug delivery system can be a lot better for those who easily forget to take the required tablets for their illnesses.

In Conclusion

It is a new product out there, but research is beginning to suggest that the use of nanogel could stop STD’s from spreading. The structure of nanogel makes it possible for use as a drug delivery system that is more effective than the everyday oral method. Although it won’t eradicate the diseases, it can improve quality of life.