Have Itchy Throat and Ears? This May Be the Reason

itchy throat and ears

Itchy throat and ears are among the most common symptoms of a cold. Most people experience colds up to three times a year. As such, they don’t give these symptoms too much thought. But itchy throat and ears could also point to another condition you may have. Apart from the common cold, here are three other reasons why you might have these symptoms.

1. Food Allergies

About 4% of adults and up to 6% of children have food allergies. For both age groups, peanut is the most common culprit. Kids may also be allergic to milk and eggs, while adults can also develop allergies to fruits, veggies, and fish. The usual symptoms include vomiting, cramps, and diarrhea. But in severe cases, food allergies may result in anaphylaxis. This condition causes shortness of breath, dizziness, as well as fainting.

2. Drug Allergies

Itchy throat and ears can also be the symptoms of drug allergies. Don’t confuse them with side effects of drugs, as allergies have more severe symptoms. These include swelling, trouble breathing, and hives. Also, like food allergies, drug allergies may also cause anaphylaxis in some cases.

3. Hay Fever

Hay fever has pretty much the same symptoms as the common cold. They include coughing, sneezing, teary eyes, as well as itchy throat and ears. Doctors will usually tell you to stay at home and avoid allergens for a few days. They may also give you antihistamines to ease some of the symptoms.

Final Word

While these three conditions share some symptoms, they require different treatment methods. Moreover, some of them can have serious effects on your overall health. So, if you have itchy throat and ears but don’t think you have a cold, you should go to the doctor. They’ll take a look at the symptoms, run some test, and give you the correct diagnosis.