How Long Do HPV Warts Last?

how long do HPV warts last

Also known as genital warts, HPV warts are an STI caused by the human papilloma virus. Not all people who get this virus necessarily get warts – they are a symptom of the virus, and they can come and go. And, although people can’t get rid of the HPV once they get infected, the warts can be managed with different medications.

So, how long do HPV warts last?

Appearance and Duration of HPV Warts

Flesh-colored, soft bumps that can be seen around the genitals, HPV warts can often cause discomfort, itching, and pain. If you had sex with an infected person, you might notice these warts on your tongue, lips, and mouth. These warts are a red flag for women more than men, as research shows that they might cause cervical cancer.

HPV warts can often disappear on their own. It usually takes them around two years to go away, although it may take more for some people. However, using topical treatment can trim this period down to only a couple of months. A surgical procedure can also help you get rid of genital warts quickly.

Treatment Options

There are several treatments available that can help you get rid of HPV warts. Here are some of them.

Sinecatechins -extracted from green tea leaves, this ointment can’t cure the warts, but it can help you clear the infection.

Imiquimodthis medication can relieve you of HPV warts in around four months. It can also boost your immune system, and it’s been used to treat some forms of skin cancer.

Cryotherapy – this method uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the HPV warts off. It’s very efficient but takes a couple of treatments to achieve the best results.

Final Word

If you were wondering how long do HPV warts last, we hope this article answers your question. While they can go away on their own, using some of the approved clinical treatments can help you get rid of them in a matter of months.