How to Deal with Migraine Attacks

how to deal with migraines

Scientists still can’t say for certain what causes migraines. But if there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that migraines are always painful. Proper medication can help relieve the pain, but it won’t provide a solution to the problems. As such, migraines are something you have to live with. It is thus important to learn how to deal with migraines any time they occur.

1. Turn Off the Lights

To learn how to deal with migraines, you have to understand the effect they have on your whole body. As a rule, migraines increase your sensitivity to light. Research also shows that bright lights may even worsen your symptoms. In fact, one study found that legally blind people were still prone to light-induced headaches. As such, the moment a migraine attack occurs, turn off the lights in the room. If you can’t avoid the lights, tinted glasses may also help.

2. Try Heat and Cold Therapy

Early research shows that temperature fluctuations in the brain could be the cause of migraines. Moreover, migraine attacks also cause changes in the body temperature. Some people thus apply heat and cold therapy to relieve the pain. The method usually involves applying an ice pack to the neck to numb the area. To relax the muscles, you should then apply a heating pad. When the next episode occurs, try this method to figure out how to deal with migraines more efficiently.

3. Have a Cup of Coffee

In small amounts, coffee can also help relieve the symptoms of migraines. Caffeine could also help improve the efficacy of aspirin and other analgesics. But make sure to keep your caffeine intake in check. Otherwise, you may suffer from withdrawal symptoms, which usually involve intense headaches. As a rule, you should consume no more than three cups of coffee a day. If the migraine attacks occur more often, it’s best to avoid coffee altogether.

Final Word

Knowing how to deal with migraines is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle despite your ailment. Follow these tips to relieve the pain and manage your symptoms in a more efficient way.