How to Stay “Safe” This Valentine’s Day

A fear of catching an STD is a strong feeling that can turn off passion and excitement in any relationship.

When practicing oral sex, we expose ourselves to many viruses and bacteria. Here are some tips to enjoy your sex life freely.

How to Practice Safe Oral Sex

The mouth and vaginal mucous membrane are very similar. Therefore, there’s a transmission possibility of sexually related diseases in both scenarios, although, in oral sex case, the probability is slightly lower.

Both mucous membranes can present small cuts or wounds (ulcers, sores, gingivitis or bleeding gums) that go unnoticed and can be a gateway for bacteria and viruses including HIV.

Therefore, the first protection measure is avoiding oral sex if there is an injury to the mouth, oral herpes, etc.

Other preventative measures include:

  • Explore our sexual partner’s genitals discreetly looking for any injury blister or skin irregularity.
  • When practicing oral sex to a man, use latex or polyisoprene condoms.
  • Don’t floss or wash your teeth before having oral sex to avoid hurting your gums: instead, use mouthwash or peppermint candies.
  • Avoid performing oral sex to a woman during her period. Use Dental Dams or condoms to apply any form of fellatio over female genitalia.
  • Refrain from swallowing semen, ejaculatory or vaginal fluids, including menstruation.

What Are Dental Dams?

Dental dams, or dental protectors, are thin latex squares that work like a light barrier between the mouth and anal or vaginal skin.

Typically, a dam is used in dental procedures, such as in endodontics, where it’s handy to isolate the tooth from germs and bacteria.

You can find them in different colors, sizes, materials and flavors such as grape, vanilla, banana, even strawberry.

However, they function as a barrier method, but they don’t work as a contraceptive treatment.

How to Use a Dental Dam in Oral Sex

Using a dental dam requires a lot of imagination but can undoubtedly trigger many pleasurable benefits in oral sex for both women and men.

Using a dam, it’s very easy:

1. Put a little water-based lubricant on one side of the dental shield, or a condom that has been cut open.

2. Then stretch the protector or the condom over the vulva or anus with the side that has the lubricant down.

3.Even if you like to combine oral sex with penetration, a dental dam is a good safety option. However, it should not be used more than once, since it has the same function as a condom: avoiding body fluids contact.

Although some people do use plastic wrap as a barrier to prevent bacterial or viral infections like herpes, no research proves its effectiveness against HIV transmission.