Is There Any Truth to the Five-Second Rule?

truth about the five-second rule

Bacteria rule our world. Not literally, of course, but they are actually everywhere. Now you’ve probably heard about the five-second rule which says that if you pick up fallen food from the floor and eat it within five seconds, you will suffer no consequences. But is there really any truth about the five-second rule?

Is the Floor Really Clean?

No matter how clean it looks, each and every floor is covered in germs and bacteria. If you only had a microscope to check all those nasty little critters, you’d think twice before munching on a chocolate cube that’s fallen to the floor. There is no way you can make any floor perfectly clean so that it isn’t covered in any germs or bacteria at all.

Are You Fast Enough?

The truth about the five-second rule is that you just never know whether you’ve been fast enough. Scientists and germ experts think that the five-second rule does work and that ingesting food that’s spent mere seconds on the floor doesn’t cause serious harm.

Harmful bacteria cannot act that fast, so they usually don’t get picked up from just a few seconds that the food had spent on the floor. The real question is what’s actually fast or not fast enough.

The Final Word

The whole truth about the five-second rule is that you can actually eat off the floor without fear of serious medical conditions. Yet again, it’s not something you should really indulge in. Even if it’s some sort of a guilty pleasure for you, eating off your floor shouldn’t be a thing to brag about. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you that you should still be careful.