Monkeys in Florida May Carry a Lethal Simplex Virus

simplex virus that's lethal for humans

Did you know that animals can carry the simplex virus? Although it is rare, some people get infected from animals. Sometimes, animals can even carry a rare simplex virus that’s lethal for humans.

Macaques in Florida: A Danger to Humans

Scientists have observed that it is extremely dangerous to approach monkeys in Florida. These animals carry the herpes B virus, which is deadly for humans.

Around one in four macaques carry this disease. It’s impossible to tell whether an animal is infectious or not. After all, they don’t show any obvious symptoms, and the virus is only deadly for humans.

Herpes B can spread through bites and scratches. Contaminated lab equipment is dangerous too. Thus, you are most at risk if you work with wild animals.

So are you in danger of infection if you visit Florida or if you live there? It is doubtful that you will get infected unless you come close to the wildlife. It’s very important not to feed or approach any monkeys you might see.

What Makes Herpes B So Dangerous?

This is a simplex virus that’s lethal for humans. If the infection doesn’t receive immediate treatment, lethality rates are around 70%.

The first symptoms of infection include small blisters. Headaches and fevers are frequent as well. People usually feel pain at the site of the infection.

If you suspect you came into contact with this virus, seek out immediate medical attention. After all, various treatment options could help you recover.

This viral infection mostly infects veterinarians who work with macaques. Laboratory workers are in danger as well. But everyone should be vigilant about the possibility of infection.