Pharyngitis – What Is It and How Can You Prevent It?

Pharyngitis is a disease characterized by the presence of inflammation around the throat or pharynx, caused by a bacterial or viral infection. Pharyngitis causes pain, a stinging sensation inside the throat and encountering a difficulty in swallowing. In some cases, this affection can trigger fever, coughing, respiratory complications etc. There is also a link between pharyngitis and the intestinal health of an individual. People who are suffering from chronic pharyngitis may be the victims of certain intestinal disorders, such as constipation. The health of the intestines is closely related to the pharynx, so it is highly important to protect the entire digestive system in order to prevent the apparition of pharyngitis. See below some details about this affection and how to prevent it.

Preventing vs. Curing

It is much easier to prevent this affection rather than curing it. There are cases when a patient suffers from a certain disease and completing a treatment is not enough. This situation requires constant treatment, otherwise, the illness will become chronic, thus prolonging the pains and consequences of the affection. Preventing chronic pharyngitis is possible using simple and natural remedies, combined with lifestyle changes and improvements.

With these minor efforts, one will be saved from the struggle of this very unpleasant condition.  When inflammation of the pharynx occurs, eating or drinking becomes almost impossible, due to the pain involved. It can also be the reason why the patient is struggling with headaches, muscle aches, and gland inflammations. These body signals will clearly indicate that the infection is already present, and a treatment scheme must be prescribed by a doctor.


People who previously experienced pharyngitis can resort to salt baths that are both a good remedy and a prevention method for this affection. An alkaline diet will be the best lifestyle change that a person who struggles with the symptoms of pharyngitis should consider. This diet includes the consumption of seasonal or dried fruits, as well as citrus fruits, green vegetables, garlic, onion etc. A healthy, nutritious diet is the basis of a healthy body which recovers as quickly as possible.

In addition to treatment, people can follow the next pieces of advice:

  • Maintaining their body hydrated – consuming water combined with honey and lemon juice will calm a sore throat and relieve pain
  • Quitting smoking – cigarette smoke will only make the situation worse when pharyngitis is present
  • Abstaining from consuming alcoholic beverages – alcohol is well-known for dehydrating the body, while the pharynx needs to be maintained hydrated, especially in the presence of this affection
  • Reducing or removing caffeine consumption – just like alcohol, caffeine can dehydrate the body in the moment where the patient needs to remain hydrated at all times
  • Avoiding dusty places – dust is an irritant and the contact with dust while suffering from pharyngitis can only make the symptoms worse
  • Maintaining a certain air humidity inside the house – the heating system in your home can drain the air humidity, especially during winter. This is the reason why it’s paramount to use a humidifier or a vaporizer at all times.