Popping Zits in the Danger Triangle Can Have Serious Consequences

danger triangle of the face

Did you know that there is such a thing as the danger triangle of the face? It’s the area between the bridge of your nose and the corners of your mouth. This is also the part of the face where blackheads are most likely to come out. While popping them may be tempting, it could be very dangerous, too.

Understanding the Danger Triangle of the Face

The danger triangle of the face is a very sensitive area. For one, your sinuses are right behind it. It is also home to a network of sensitive nerves. Second, this area also contains blood vessels that take the blood right to your brain.

Popping a zit in this area may sometimes result in a skin infection that could spread to the cavernous sinuses. To prevent it from spreading, the blood vessels will form a clog, and if it forms in the sinus, it results in a condition known as cavernous sinus thrombosis. Sometimes, this condition can lead to paralysis and in more extreme cases it may even be lethal.

Is It a Zit or Is It Something Else?

If you notice a zit in the danger triangle of the face, it may not even be a zit. In fact, it may be the result of a skin infection caused by bacteria. And because this area of the skin is very sensitive, any infection could have severe consequences.

For example, in the case of cellulitis, if the infection spreads to the eye, it could result in blindness. The bacteria usually attack the tissue and not a specific part of the body. Often the only warning sign is a pimple-like growth on the face that may go unnoticed. Trying to pop it could only make things worse.

Don’t Panic

Luckily, these infections can be treated successfully with antibiotics. However, it’s very important to catch them in their early stages, before they have a chance to advance. Also, you should abstain from popping any zits in the danger triangle of the face. If they look unusual, visit your doctor for a checkup.