Scientists May Have Found a Way to Make Flu Shots More Effective

Are flu shots effective

Over time, viruses tend to mutate and adapt in order to survive. In turn, this makes flu vaccines less effective. The seasonal flu shots usually protect you from only up to four different influenza viruses. There are also different types of flu shots available, but science has come up with new and exciting ways of dealing with flu prevention.

What the Future Holds

Are flu shots effective? Is there a way we can improve their effects over the ever-evolving viruses? Ren Sun, a professor of molecular and medical pharmacology from the University of California did succeed in coming up with a completely new approach when flu vaccines are concerned. According to a study, Sun and his colleagues claim that conventional vaccines tend to reduce our ability to trigger an immune response to viruses.

The New Way

Forget the ancient seasonal flu shots. Intranasal flu vaccines are the latest development in fighting all sorts of influenza viruses. These new nasal vaccines come in the form of nasal spray which simply gets sprayed into your nose.

It does not contain any side-effect-inducing substances and it protects you from four different types of influenza viruses with each new year. It may take up to two weeks for the vaccine to fully protect you. Are flu shots effective in this form? You bet.


In spite of the ever-changing nature of influenza viruses, science has come up with new ways of protection. It’s in the form of a highly effective nasal spray which you need to use every season.