Should You Breastfeed If You Have HPV?

safe for you to breastfeed your baby

If you recently delivered a baby and you have HPV, you’re probably wondering what you should do in order to protect yourself and your child. Is it safe for you to breastfeed your baby?

Let’s find out.

What Is HPV

Human papillomavirus, or HPV, is one of the viruses that is usually transmitted through intimate sexual contact. It is rather common, and many people get it at some point. It usually goes away on its own without causing additional complications. However, in some cases, it sticks around for a while and may lead to more severe illnesses.

Can It Be Transmitted Through Breastfeeding

Women who have HPV need to be more cautious in order to protect themselves and their babies. One of the ways HPV can be passed to babies is during vaginal birth. After childbirth, the risk of infection is minimal. This means that you can relax and breastfeed your baby.

Some women who want to breastfeed are being treated for HPV at the same time. If you are taking medications, talk to your doctor first about potential risks. Although you won’t be able to infect your child with HPV, there may still be some other effects on the baby. Most treatments, however, are pretty safe.

How to Prevent HPV

The best way to ensure that your child doesn’t get HPV is vaccination. It is a routine process, and the vaccine almost completely reduces the risk of contracting HPV. Girls are at greater risk, as HPV can lead to different complications later in life.

Final Thoughts

Every woman should be very careful during pregnancy and after childbirth. If you have HPV, you don’t have to worry about passing it to your child after the delivery, which means it is safe for you to breastfeed your baby.