The 5 Best Natural Remedies for Boils

natural remedies for boils

Red, swollen, and painful, boils are pus-filled bumps that can sometimes appear under our skin. They are caused by a type of bacteria that attacks the hair follicles. While they may require medical attention, natural remedies can be a very effective treatment option.

Here are the best natural remedies for boils.


The reason why turmeric is one of the best natural remedies for boils is its active ingredient – curcumin. Studies show that this compound has strong anti-inflammatory properties which can help you get rid of boils. You can add it to your diet in its powdered form or apply it topically.


Heat improves circulation and brings more antibodies and white blood cells to the affected area, helping you to fight the infection. Treat the area with heat for 15 – 20 minutes, three to four times a day until the boils are gone.

Tea Tree Oil

Like turmeric, tea tree oil can be a great option for topical antibacterial treatment. However, this oil could have a burning effect, so it’s best not to apply it directly to the skin. Instead, dilute it with olive oil and apply it on the skin three times a day using a cotton swab.

Neem Oil

Another oil that could have antimicrobial qualities is neem oil. But, unlike tea tree oil, neem oil can be applied directly to the skin. Just soak a cotton swab with the oil and apply it to the boil three to four times every day.

Epsom salt

Epsom salt could help you dry out the puss from the boils. Dissolve the salt in warm water and soak a cloth in the solution. Apply it to the affected area for 15 – 20 minutes, three times a day.


So, there you go – the best natural remedies for boils. Consult your doctor if your boils don’t go away after a couple of days of using any of these treatments.