The 5 Common Triggers of Simplex Virus Outbreaks

common triggers of herpes outbreaks

Constant stress is a trigger for herpes simplex outbreaks. So, if you are always stressed about your next outbreak, you are probably stuck in a never-ending cycle. Here are a few common triggers of herpes outbreaks.

1. Stress

If you stressed out, you will lower your body’s immune system. Therefore, managing your stress levels is essential to managing your triggers.

People find ways to de-stress in different ways. You can exercise, doing an activity you enjoy. Or, you can go hang out with friends and family. Socializing is also another way to manage your stress.

2. Hormones

For women with herpes simplex virus, hormones can be a trigger for an outbreak. The type of hormonal changes that happen during a menstrual cycle.

3.Colds and Sunlight

Colds can trigger herpes simplex 1, or oral herpes. There is no evidence that the common cold does trigger genital herpes. But, those with oral herpes can get “fever sores” if you have oral herpes already.

Also, studies suggest that long-term sun exposure can cause an oral herpes outbreak. Either way, changing the body’s core temperature whether from fever or sun can trigger a herpes simplex 1 outbreak.

4. Sexual Intercourse

Sometimes, even the friction from sexual intercourse can cause an outbreak. WebMD recommends using a water-based lubricant to reduce friction.

5. Surgery or Weakened Immune System

And lastly, outbreaks generally happen when your body is weak. Therefore, if you have had surgery or your immune system is weakened by another illness, you would be more prone to outbreaks.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few common triggers of herpes outbreaks. Individual triggers depend on the person. You may have all these triggers, or maybe just a couple of them. If you suspect one of these may be a trigger for your herpes simplex outbreak, talk to your doctor about it.