What You Need to Know About Your Baby’s First Cold

baby has a cold

Infants have a number of unique healthcare needs. Responsible parenting means you should stay informed about the risks your newborn is facing.

So what should you do the first time your baby has a cold? What are the best ways to treat your newborn?

Here are some of the questions you might have about colds in infants.

• When Will Your Baby Get Infected?

Newborns aren’t very vulnerable to infectious diseases. After all, mothers pass on some immunity to their babies. However, this immunity doesn’t last more than half a year.

So your baby might develop a cold quickly after they become six months old. Additionally, they’re likely to develop a series of colds before their first birthday.

• How Can You Tell If Your Baby Has a Cold?

What are the main symptoms you should look out for?

Just like adults, infants will develop nasal mucus. The nasal discharge may turn green or yellow. Doctors warn that your baby might not be able to nurse because of this.

Additionally, your child will have a decreased appetite. They can be irritable. Coughing is also a possibility.

• What Should You Do About It?

If your baby has a cold, they require careful treatment. You want to make sure they don’t have a more serious infection. Hence, you should seek out medical advice.

It’s important to avoid over-the-counter medication. But there are a few ways you can treat your baby at home.

You should make sure your child stays hydrated. Additionally, you can clear their nose with a rubber syringe. Rest is very important too, so make sure to stay at home with your baby as much as possible.