5 Simple Ways to Protect Yourself from Spring Allergies

protect yourself from spring allergies

Allergies aren’t the best of times, but they don’t have to be the worst of times. There are things you can do to protect yourself from spring allergies, and other things you can try. Maybe the word “spring” doesn’t have to be a downer anymore.

Clean Your Home

The less you’re exposed to, the less reaction you’re likely to have. Be sure to vacuum your carpets, furniture, drapes – fabrics can hold onto pollen. Clean the vents: air conditioners, air filters, any place pollen might be collecting. Think like pollen, find that pollen, and then root it out!

Clean You

You’re a pretty effective pollen-catcher yourself. It’s probably not practical to take off your clothes outside. But if you take them off as soon as you get home, they’ll have less opportunity to spread their accumulated pollen. And the sooner you shower and wash your hair, the sooner you’re rid of your pollen, at least.

Start Medicating Early

If you have a regular medication routine during pollen season, start it early – like a week or two early. Protect yourself from spring allergies before the allergies spring. Get ahead of your adversary. So when pollen arrives, you’re already fortified!


Stress affects the immune system. Your immune defenses don’t work as well under the onslaught of larger amounts of cortisol. So calm down. Yoga might do it, or meditation. Exercise, if it’s not another source of self-pressuring stress. In fact some people use coloring books for grown-ups for just that purpose.

Certain Foods Might Help

These food components may have the ability to reduce your allergic reaction. But you’ll be the final judge of whether they work for your system.

  • Quercetin: e.g., berries, onions, peppers, and parsley
  • Vitamin C: e.g., citrus fruits, strawberries, kiwi
  • Bromelain: e.g., pineapple
  • Omega 3s: e.g., fatty fish
  • Probiotics: e.g., kefir, yogurt (with live, active cultures), fermented vegetables


You can protect yourself from spring allergies. And that’ll give you time to get ready for the summer allergy season!