3 Foods You Should Cut Down On If You Have Hepatitis C

foods you should avoid if you have hepatitis C

For people affected by hepatitis C, choosing the right diet is crucial. But what does that mean exactly? What are some foods you should avoid if you have hepatitis C?

1. Iron-Rich Foods

Doctors say that hepatitis C can lead to iron overload. This is a common problem and it can be quite dangerous. But why does iron overload happen?

This disease makes iron pile up in the liver. Blood iron levels also grow to dangerous levels. Hepatitis C alters the metabolism of this trace element.

Additionally, high iron levels make this disease worse. Thus, slight diet changes can do a lot to improve your health status. Here are a few iron-rich foods you should avoid if you have hepatitis C:

  • Liver
  • Eggs
  • Iron-fortified cereals

However, you should also keep in mind that iron is necessary for healthy functioning. So don’t remove all sources of iron from your diet.

2. Salty Foods

This disease also has an impact on the way the body processes salt.

Salty food is especially dangerous for people with cirrhosis. After all, cirrhosis leads to a dangerous buildup of fluid. Consuming salt adds to this buildup, so it damages the veins.

But which foods should you avoid? Processed foods such as chips contain exceptionally high levels of salt. Removing them from your diet will make a great deal of difference.

3. High-Fat Foods

Full-fat dairy products and meat are among the foods you should avoid if you have hepatitis C.

Protein is important to your health. Hence, you shouldn’t cut these out of your diet completely. But the high fat content can damage your liver, so practice moderation.