5 Things That Can Make Your Flu Symptoms Worse

Don't make your flu worse

OK, you know the basics of good health – eat right, get enough sleep, develop an exercise routine, make regular contact with friends and loved ones, and if you have any time left over, meditate. Sounds great! But you can still get the flu.

And if you do, don’t make your flu worse.

Not Drinking Enough: Drink More

It isn’t just something parents say to shut their kids up for a couple of minutes. It really does help!

If you can’t face it, don’t force yourself unless you’re becoming seriously dehydrated – and if you are, call the doctor or go to the hospital. Dehydration is nothing to fool around with.

Sometimes one kind of liquid will seem repulsive, but another may hit the spot. Broth – yuck, but ginger ale may work. Or vice versa.

Not Planning Ahead: Get Vaccinated

It might ward off flu altogether, but even if it doesn’t, your flu symptoms are likely to be less severe. It gives you some protection even in years when the vaccine isn’t a good match for the viruses going around. And it reduces the chance of complications from flu.

Eating Comfort Sweets: Stick to Healthy Comfort Foods

The middle of a bout of flu is probably not a good time for a heavy intake of sweets, since they take a toll on your immune system. It’s a little toll when you’re strong and healthy, but it really counts when you’re a sloppy mass of misery.

Staying Cold and Moist: Think Warm and Dry

Because you know what flu bugs really like? Well, as Morticia said, “It has to be damp.” And cool. One reason we get fevers with the flu is that the bugs can’t reproduce above a certain temperature. Don’t make your flu worse – don’t risk a chill. That’s just giving the little bugs what they want.

Not Sleeping Enough: When You Wake Up, Go Back to Sleep

Sleep heals. Your body needs rest, and sleep is the best. Don’t tough it out or it might get tougher than it needs to be. Really. You’re sick – get over it.


Don’t make your flu worse. It’s not likely to be much fun. After all, it’s flu. But know it will work its way out of your life. Things take time.