What Are Halo Cells and How Are They Treated?

development of halo cells

Have you heard of epithelial cells? These have an important function in the body. They form barriers between the organs.

Your skin consists of these cells. Additionally, they line your guts and your blood vessels. Epithelial cells are absolutely crucial.

However, an infection can change some of these cells.

The Development of Halo Cells

HPV is a sexually transmitted virus. Experts say that it can lead to the development of halo cells.

So what are halo cells exactly?

These are a kind of epithelial cell. They are different in size, shape, and function from other such cells. But why is the development of halo cells dangerous?

These cells can lead to the development of cancer. This is why cervical cancer frequently comes from HPV infections.

But this virus may also cause some other cancers. For example, it could affect the throat or the anus.

How to Prevent an HPV Infection

It’s important to prevent halo cells from forming in the body. Thus, you should do all you can to protect yourself from HPV. So what are the best prevention methods?

You should consider vaccination. HPV shots can do a lot to keep you safe in the long term.

Condom use is another important part of prevention. After all, this is a sexually transmitted virus. Practicing safe sex with significantly lower your risk of contracting it.

Pap tests are another important consideration. All women should get routine Pap testing. Some men can benefit from it as well.

Finally, you should consider working on your general health. Try to get regular exercise and keep a healthy sleeping pattern. After all, being in good shape will make it easier for your body to fight this virus.