Can Babies Contract Herpes from Being Kissed

babies can contract herpes from being kissed

When a new baby is in the picture, it’s standard for friends and family to want to surround the child. They will usually want to shower it with affection and presents. The danger behind that, however, is that there is evidence to suggest that babies can contract herpes from being kissed.

What Kind of Herpes Can Be Transferred?

The most common form of the Herpes Simplex Virus is known as HSV 1. This form usually presents itself as small blisters around the mouth, lips or eyes. These are generally known as cold sores, and this is the strain of virus usually transferred.

A person with HSV 1 becomes aware of it from the breakout of sores around the mouth. It is through those sores that babies can contract herpes from being kissed. Even if the sore has not fully broken to the surface, there is still the possibility that the infected person is shedding the virus through saliva or skin cells.

As babies’ immune systems are quite low at birth, this makes it easy for them to contract the disease. Without a fully developed immune system, they cannot fight it off in the same way an adult would.

Tips to Avoid This

While you cannot lock a child away from the world, there are 2 important tips you can follow to help decrease the chances of babies contracting herpes from kisses.

The first is to ensure people that are handling newborns have thoroughly washed their hands. The second tip is to ask people to refrain from kissing the baby. By keeping the lips away from the newborn, they lower the risk of transferring any illnesses.

The last tip when dealing with this is to pay attention to your baby and keep an eye out for HSV 1 symptoms. Babies will generally need hospitalization if they become infected.

In Conclusion

The fact that babies can contract herpes from being kissed is a thought that can terrify many new parents. Although it is important to realize that it is rare for this to occur, following the steps mentioned above can help protect your child.