3 Common Questions about the Shingles Vaccine Answered

get vaccinated against shingles

Shingles is a type of viral infection. It comes with a painful rash, as well as pain and blisters. This disease is both widespread and potentially dangerous.

Hence, many people decide to get vaccinated against shingles. Here are some questions you might have about that option.

Who Should Get Vaccinated Against Shingles?

Experts recommend this vaccine to people aged 60 and older. Older people are especially sensitive to dangerous complications.

Shingles can come with fever and other issues, such as extreme fatigue. These symptoms are very dangerous to older people. Furthermore, flare-ups are likelier at an advanced age.

A vaccine can be a big help. It’s not clear yet how long the effects should last. However, the shingles vaccine is likely to protect you from infection for at least five years.

Is This Vaccine Dangerous?

If your immune system is healthy, this vaccine is safe for you. However, it isn’t safe for people who have immune disorders or cancer. Furthermore, you should avoid vaccination if you are taking certain types of medication.

What Are the Main Side Effects?

There usually aren’t any dangerous side effects. You might experience redness and itching on your arm. Headaches are a possibility as well.

However, there is one important thing you should keep in mind. Some people are allergic to this vaccine.

The allergic reaction can be very severe. You might experience a slow heartbeat, dizziness or intense swelling. Additionally, many people have trouble breathing when they get an allergic reaction.

Your doctors should ask you about allergies before you get vaccinated against shingles. If it does come to an allergic reaction, you will need emergency medical care.