Can a Mosquito Bite Cause an Allergic Reaction?

mosquito bite may cause an allergic reaction

First you hear the annoying buzz, then the tiny sting is immediately followed by a clap and a scratch. But if you miss the mosquito, you are all the more annoyed.

Besides being a complete nuisance, a mosquito bite may cause an allergic reaction. This condition is called Skeeter syndrome. There are a number of reasons some people are more susceptible to Skeeter syndrome than others.

Are You an Ideal Target?

Mosquitos love the way you smell. And they are particularly drawn by heat. And antimicrobial substances and proteins released by a mosquito bite can cause allergies. You might be a perfect mosquito target if you:

  1. Have type O blood
  2. Are pregnant
  3. Drink beer
  4. Exercise
  5. Have excess weight
  6. Are a man
  7. Emit ammonia, lactic or uric acid

How to Spot an Allergic Reaction?

There are several indicators of an allergic reaction. Even though some of them may require immediate medical attention, usually there is no need to panic. If the mosquito bite seems much bigger than normal this may be a sign of allergy. Other, more serious symptoms can include:

  • Bruises, lesions, or hives
  • Lymph system inflammation
  • Increased itchiness
  • Fever, headache, or vomiting (you may need medical help)
  • Tiredness and sensitivity to light (you may need medical help)
  • Localized muscle weakness (you may need medical help)

Defense Strategies

Standing water is an ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. Make sure there is no stagnant water near your home. Cleaning gutters, pools, birdbaths, and surplus containers help get rid of potential mosquito infestations.

Wearing long sleeves and hats can save you from the bites. But you probably don’t want to be so well dressed in the middle of the summer. So consider the AAAAI advice and use products containing 6-25% DEET.

The Last Bite

During long summer evenings it can be hard to avoid mosquitoes. While a mosquito bite may cause an allergic reaction, most people don’t get any serious side effects.