5 Common Respiratory Problems That Can Affect Your Newborn Baby

respiratory problems that can affect your newborn

Infants are extremely vulnerable to infections. In many cases, early treatment can help prevent complications. So it’s crucial for parents to get informed about the biggest threats.

What are some respiratory problems that can affect your newborn? And which symptoms should you look out for?

A Cold

If your child is sneezing and coughing, they might have a cold. There is usually a mild fever as well. Your child will have a stuffy nose, so they might not be able to nurse.

Your infant having a cold is a fairly minor problem. However, you can’t tell from the symptoms alone whether they might have a more serious infection. Hence, it’s crucial to seek out medical help.

The Flu

The flu comes with similar symptoms as a cold. But your child might have a higher fever. Additionally, the flu might cause diarrhea or vomiting.


Croup is another disease that causes respiratory problems. It comes with coughing and other cold-like symptoms. It is very important to start treating croup as quickly as possible.


Pertussis is also called whooping cough. This illness requires immediate medical care, as it can be extremely dangerous.

So how do you recognize it? This disease comes with intense coughing that can be followed by vomiting. When your child inhales after coughing, you may hear a ‘whoop’ noise.


Pneumonia is one of the most serious respiratory problems that can affect your newborn child. But how do you recognize it?

Infant pneumonia has some unusual symptoms. Your child may become pale, irritable or limp. Additionally, they may cry more than usual.