5 Dating Tips for People with the Simplex Virus

dating with the simplex virus

Having an infectious disease can make your romantic life more complicated. After all, some people have preconceptions and prejudices.

Unfortunately, this is even likelier if you have an STD. However, there are still many wonderful opportunities waiting for you. Here are some practical tips for dating with the simplex virus.

Don’t Rush Things

If you are newly diagnosed, you might feel overwhelmed. Having an STD can cause some emotional problems at first.

Studies show that most people adjust to living with herpes within six months. However, it is crucial to give yourself all the time you need.

After all, dating with the simplex virus can be complicated. If you are still struggling with self-acceptance, you might not be able to make the best choices yet.

Disclosure Is Important But It’s Up to You to Decide How to Do It

Since herpes is a sexually transmitted disease, you need to inform your partner. But what’s the best way to do that?

Many find it useful to disclose at the beginning of the relationship. It can be a good idea to practice first. You can use online resources to help you figure out the best way to phrase things.

You Might Need to Answer Questions

Unfortunately, there are many false preconceptions about herpes. Your partner might want to clarify a few things. Thus, it’s a good idea to look into some herpes facts first.

Consider Dating Partners Who Are in the Same Situation

Risk of transmission complicates dating with the simplex virus. Hence, dating someone with herpes might appeal to you. If you like the idea, you can find specialized online dating sites.

Don’t Give Up

You may have a few bad experiences. Not everyone reacts well to disclosure. But eventually, you will find a partner who will love you just as you are.