Is Your Eyelid Swollen? This Could Be the Reason

causes of eyelid swelling

There are plenty of potential causes of eyelid swelling. It can come from allergies or from various infections. This article will cover one significant possibility.

What Is Eye Herpes?

This viral infection is one of the top causes of eyelid swelling. Even if you have a mild form of eye herpes, you will be in a considerable amount of pain. Most of the time, this infection only affects one eye.

Symptoms include blurry vision and red eyes. Eye herpes also comes with a sensitivity to light. You will have to deal with a great deal of discharge as well.

Additionally, this condition can come with permanent damage to your corneas.

But how do you get infected with eye herpes?

It isn’t sexually transmitted. You can catch it from coming into skin contact with someone who has an active HSV-1 infection. Around 20,000 people in the US contract this infection every year.

What About Treatment?

If you suspect that you have eye herpes, you should seek out a doctor immediately. Because this is a viral infection, there is no permanent cure. But your doctor can help you ease the symptoms and prevent vision loss.

You will probably receive a prescription for antiviral medication. These drugs can come in the form of pills or eye drops. Ointments are another possibility.

Furthermore, your doctor might need to remove diseased cells from your corneas. They will use numbing drops before they do this.


Eye herpes is one of the most significant causes of eyelid swelling. This condition is painful, and you can’t eradicate the virus from your body. However, certain treatments can help reduce the symptoms.