What Are School Sores and How Can You Treat Them?

what are school sores

When your child reaches school age, you can expect a number of infectious illnesses. After all, your kill will suddenly enter a very crowded environment. School sores are one example of such diseases.

But what are school sores exactly? And what is the best way to prevent them?

Let’s look into some questions you may have about this disease.

What Are School Sores?

This is a type of skin infection caused by certain bacteria. But how do you recognize it?

This infection comes with extremely painful sores and blisters. The blisters tend to appear around the nose and mouth. Since they pop very easily, you will have to deal with yellow discharge.

After the blister pops, it leaves a crust. This usually disappears within a few days.

However, the disease can be more severe too. In some cases, your child may have a high fever. Swollen lymph glands can also be a symptom.

Who Is the Most at Risk of School Sores?

School sores spread very easily. Children are the most at risk, though adults are vulnerable to it too. Furthermore, these bacteria grow more rapidly on cracked or dry skin.

What Can You Do About School Sores?

Preventing school sores is fairly easy. Good hygiene is crucial. Parents should also make sure to tend to any scrapes on the skin.

Children who are infected need to stay home. The incubation period lasts up to ten days. It is safe to return to school after the blisters have disappeared.

If there is a newborn in the house, make sure to tell your doctor. While this disease isn’t dangerous to most children, it can be dangerous to infants.

So what about treatment? Antibacterial medication can usually help. Additionally, parents should wash the damaged skin with antibacterial soap.