You Need to Know These 3 Unexpected Germ Hotspots

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As you probably know, germs like viruses and bacteria are just about everywhere. Sure, we all know the common places germs thrive–public restrooms, gym locker rooms, and doctor’s offices. We probably even take preventative measures to keep ourselves safe in these germ hotspots. There are some common places you probably never even considered that harbor germs leading to a common cold, flu, or even a more serious infection.

By knowing these unexpected germ hotspots, you can protect yourself and stay healthy.

Car Dashboard

Think about the time you spend in your car. From work commutes to running daily errands, our cars are like our second homes. If you spend considerable time protecting your home from unwanted germs, maybe you want to give your car a good cleaning. Your car’s ventilation system could be spreading unwanted bacteria and mold directly to the dashboard. Clean up food spills immediately and wipe down your dashboard with disinfecting wipes regularly.

Television Remote

Before you go on your next television watching binge, you might want to clean off that remote. A recent study suggests remote controls are a great resting place for rhinovirus–a germ that causes the common cold. Are you channel surfing and enjoying your favorite snack? You might just be feeding yourself a viral infection. Clean your television remote regularly with disinfecting wipes.

Cell Phone

Are you sharing your favorite social media posts with others using your cell phone? The posts might not be the only thing going viral. Cell phones are another germ hotspot carrying bacteria like staph and salmonella. Leather or vinyl cases do nothing to help the situation since they provide creases and crevices for germs to hide. Once again, using a disinfecting wipe every couple days will help kill these germs. Also, be mindful of where you set your cell phone so it won’t pick up any unnecessary germs.


By knowing the places where germs thrive and taking the necessary precautions, you will protect yourself from preventable illnesses like the cold, flu, or more serious infections.